Client Service Charter

Our online charter outlines what you can expect from us and how we, with your help, can deliver consistent, responsive and accurate booking services, utilising the Book Canberra Excursions (BCE) website and the BCE system.

We are the National Capital Educational Tourism Project (NCETP) and Partner National Attractions listed below:

Member National Attractions include:

Our commitment to you

We acknowledge the services we provide are important in meeting your needs and aspirations, and those of your clients.

Our services are consistent, efficient and reliable and are delivered by dedicated, informed, professional and friendly teams.

We are committed to the following principles of service when servicing bookings for admission to our venues.

You can expect us to:

  1. Communicate with dignity and respect.
  2. Acknowledge your enquiries within 3 business days of receiving them and respond with accuracy and courtesy.
  3. Process bookings on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, without priority or favour.
  4. Handle bookings with honesty, impartiality and integrity.
  5. Ensure information (including admission pricing) on our booking website is accurate and up-to-date.
  6. Respect and protect the privacy of your information and information relating to your booking in compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988.
  7. Inform you if your enquiry is complex and a delay results in delivering on our service commitment.
  8. Advise you of the terms and conditions of bookings when confirming your booking and through automatically generated emails prior to the scheduled date of arrival at each venue.

We expect you to:

  1. Communicate with courtesy, respect and patience.
  2. Show respect for the rights of other clients.
  3. Provide timely, accurate and complete information when making a booking enquiry.
  4. Only make bookings you realistically expect to require, to allow equitable access for all.
  5. Provide any specific information required by attractions within 3 business days of receiving a request for it.
  6. Provide a transfer form within 3 business days of receiving a request for it.
  7. Maintain a realistic expectation of the services we provide to you.
  8. Work with us to resolve issues.
  9. Recognise that our teams have internal policies and procedures they adhere to in order to ensure consistent service standards across all stakeholders.
  10. Inform us if you require assistance or have special needs related to accessing our services in order to help our venues tailor programs to the needs of visitors.

Let us know about our services

  1. We invite constructive feedback on our services and will acknowledge your feedback in order to continuously improve the quality of our service.
  2. We invite praise when you receive excellent customer service, to help us to recognise contributions made by our teams.

If we don't meet your expectations

  1. We will handle complaints efficiently, consistently and with confidentiality.
  2. If services you received have not met your expectations we encourage you to inform us via email at the earliest convenience.
  3. We will respond to complaints as soon as possible, acknowledging that the nature of some complaints may require longer response times.
  4. Complaints regarding services, bookings or experiences can be made in writing via email, addressed to the relevant national attraction.
  5. Please refer to the website of each national attraction for further information regarding their contact details and complaint processes.
  6. Complaints regarding the useability and functionality of the BCE system can be made in writing via email to
  7. We will seek to respond to all complaints within 3 days of receiving them.

Let us know about our website

We invite feedback on how the BCE system works for you, in order to continuously improve the quality of service we provide.

Your feedback will help us to perfect the process of integrating online booking services for schools on excursion to the National Capital.

Feedback can be emailed to